About Shaya Oils

Holy Shaya oils were created with a desire to be a blessing to those around us. Our oils are sourced in the Holy Land of Israel using only the finest and purest oils available. We use the highest quality Balm of Gilead oil, Frankincense oil, Myrrh oil, Cinnamon oil and Lavender oil. Each oil has its own unique meaning and use.


Shaya in the native language of the holy land means gift of GOD. Every seed, plant and flower on the face of the earth is one of GOD’s gifts. Each oil has a special and unique benefit when used correctly.


Enjoy Holy Shaya oils for your home, your spiritual life and as a wearable fragrance. Shaya Oils are uniquely created to bring peace, joy, and love to all who use them.

Origin Oil Boxed Set
Our Signature Product

We invite you to discover our signature product, Origin Oil Boxed Set. Origin provides three different oils for three different uses – treat yourself and your loved ones with this unique gift. We use only the finest oils sourced in Israel. The same oils that were used in biblical times!

Origin Oil Boxed Set

Holy Shaya’s Oil Boxed Set Includes our 3 signature oils.


Fill your home with the peace and tranquility of our Ambience Diffusing Oil.


Enjoy the daily tranquility of our Aroma Roll-On Fragrance with the Balm of Gilead Oil.


Enjoy the peace of Holy Shaya’s Anointing Oil, made of the finest of Myrrh oil, Calamus oil, Cinnamon oil, Cassia oil, Olive oil & Grape seed oil.

Origin Oil Boxed Set

Frankincense oil, Myrrh oil, Lavender oil, Balm of Gilead oil, Calamus oil, Cinnamon oil, Cassia oil, Olive oil & Grape seed oil. This rare collection of holy oils is made of pure natural remedies, native to the Holy Land.


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